The Restoration of "Bird of Prey"

N 9751A

LAST UPDATE: 03/06/03

"Bird of Prey" is a 1950 Cessna 170A with serial number 19212 and registration number N9751A.  Two years ago, I started to do the annual on Bird of Prey, and as I started to open and take things apart, the restoration bug got to me.  Thus, I started the long road toward bringing her back to her original condition.

I have a  shared ownership in a deHavilland Beaver with my great friend Gary Loveness.  One day, I  parked Bird of Prey next to the Beaver.  She looked so tiny, and I felt that I needed to give her a name that would make her feel proud and big.  Being a Star Trek follower and loving the Klingon Bird of Prey space ship, I decided this was the right name. Thus, "Bird of Prey" was born.  The slogan "It will bite you" comes from the old saying about tail draggers.  Being difficult to land, you have to be careful all the way until you park and tie the plane down or it can turn around and will bite you.  I believe it goes well with the name.

The purpose of this web site is to share information with fellow airplane restorers, especially the ones that have been involved with the C170s.  The previous three years (2000, 2001 and 2002) in my spare time, I have spent researching, finding suppliers, learning about restoration, taking classes,  finding parts, studying the steps of the restoration process, how far to go, removing paint, cleaning, taking things appart, inspecting, planning, spending money, etc.  I believe that sharing these findings and research will help someone, and I can get something back too.  I would like to divide the site into different pages that will cover different items of interest.  The pages I am thinking about at this moment are: Pictures, they will show the progress of the restoration and certain interesting details of the airplane, the use of  tools, modifications, results, etc.  There will be a Tool Section where I will be covering tools, how good they are, results, best tool, difficult to find, etc.  The Supplier Section will explain who gives the best service, best results, the most helpful, the best prices, the most parts or supplies, addresses, ratings, etc.  The Products Section will tell where to find them, which ones worked the best, application experience, names, etc.  There will also be a section with specific subjects as they develop such as riveting, parts replacement, polishing, rigging, electrical, etc.;  I would like to include a Help and Question Section where I can ask and receive questions. If you have any information or suggestions, please fill in the information below and e-mail it back to me.

Thank you,

Guido & Karen Perla

13818 SW 216th St, Vashon Island, WA 98070 



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