The following persons have greatly contributed to this restoration:

  1. Karen M. Perla. My wife of thirty years and riveter partner.  Great with the air hammer and the bucking bar.  I believe they call it the feminine touch.  Patient and supportive.  The mother of our two kids.  Bianca 28 and Guido H. 26.
  2. Gary Loveness. Great friend and partner in other planes.  I believe he was born in a plane.  Can not have enough hours in a day to fly.  Great support and help.  Got me in contact with Bird of Prey.  Gave me a complete chest of tools for the restoration.  His knowledge of airplanes and how to fly them has been always of great help and influence to me.  He has spent many hours stripping the paint off Bird of Prey and other tasks.
  3. Liz Loveness. Gary's wife and a pilot too. For her willingness to let me borrow Gary.
  4. Ghyrn and Colin Loveness.  Gary's and Liz's kids.  Ghyrn is a pilot and Colin already soloed and is waiting for his 17th birthday.  Both have been a great help in removing the paint and other tasks.  They shared the time with their school work.  Ghyrn is the photographer.  Unfortunately he is gone for college.  He may graduate before I am done with the restoration. 
  5. Robert Richey.  Manager of Maintenance for Kenmore Air in Seattle.  A friend and great source of knowledge.  He is a pilot and he is restoring a Cessna 180.  He is the AI. A very strict one.
  6. Bob Mace. Gary's long time friend from Mesa Arizona and my friend too.  A pilot and a big source of everything you need or need to know about airplanes.  If he does not know it or does not have it, he knows who will.
  7. Ken Horwitz.  A friend and a pilot too.  Owner of many beautiful vintage planes.  He lets me use his C170B anytime I wish.  It allows me to keep my C 170 touch.
  8. Alvin G. Voigt.  A pilot too.  Long time friend from college.  My first friend when I came to the USA.  Works for Boeing in Seattle.  Great source of how to do things in a practical way.  Has literature for any subject from cooking to airplanes.  Walking encyclopedia.
  9. John Olsen.  Karen's brother.  He is owner of OMAX in Kent, Washington.  This is a company that designs and manufactures high pressure water jet cutting equipment.  These machines are able to cut to a precision of  more than a .001" any metal and all type of materials.  There is not heat application on the process and the cuts are smooth and precise.  I have used his machines to duplicate the instrument panel and other skins and parts of the airframe.  I accurately measure the parts to be duplicated and transfer them to AutoCAD.  John's cutting machines can read AutoCAD format and will cut the parts.   

Associations and Books:

The following entities, persons and books are a great source for information, reference material and contacts.  Listing them here does not imply that I am endorsing them.  I am only giving them as information.:

  1. The International Cessna 170 Association. P.O. Box 1667, Lebanon, MO 65536. 417-532-4847.  The best source of information and manuals for the Cessna 170.
  2. Cessna Owner Organization.  P.O Box 5000, Iola, WI 54945. 1-800-331-0038. Good technical support.
  3. Cessna Pilots Association.  P.O. Box 5817, Santa Maria, CA 93456. Tech. Support: 805-922-6183.  Good technical support.
  4. Vintage Aircraft Association.  P.O. Box 3086, Oshkosh, WI 54903. Good general information.
  5. EAA. P.O. Box 3086, Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086.   Great source of information and workshops.
  6. Cessna 170A Parts Catalog.  I bought it from Univair Aircraft Corporation.  2500 Himalaya Road, Aurora, Colorado, 80011. 303-375-8882.  The best book.  You can use it to find parts, guidance for assembly, illustration, and general knowledge. I have read it many times. 
  7. Cessna 100 Series Service Manual (1962 and Prior).  Available from Aero-Tec Data, Box 771, Monument, CO 80132.  .  There is not a service manual dedicated to the Cessna 170.  This is the best service information.
  8. Service Related Articles Manual. Cessna 170 Series.  Available from The International Cessna 170 Association.   Great book. A lot of information about the Cessna 170 series.  Very informative and useful.
  9. Cessna Service Information Summary (170-172).   Available from Aero-Tec Data.  A lot of good information and explanation of services issues and changes.
  10. Service Operation Time Schedule (140-170).  Included in Item 8 above.  Shows brief description of service procedures and the hours required to perform them.  Not too useful unless you want to check how lousy you are in doing your work.
  11. Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices. AIRCRAFT INSPECTION, REPAIR & ALTERATIONS.  U.S. Department of Transportation, FAA. AC 43.13-1B/2A, September 1998.  Reprinted by Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.  Found in any good aviation store or catalog store.  The best book on how to do things in the way FAA likes it.  A necessity to keep your AI happy.  A good learning book.
  12. Airframe & Powerplant MECHANICS.  General Handbook with Index. U.S. Department of Transportation FAA. AC65-9A. Includes Change 1 dated 3/31/99.  A general knowledge book.  Found in any good aviation store or catalog store.
  13. Airframe & Powerplant MECHANICS.  Airframe Handbook. U.S. Department of Transportation FAA. AC65-15A.  A good book for general knowledge about airplane structures.  Keeps you out of trouble.  Found in any good aviation store or catalog store.
  14. Airframe & Powerplant MECHANICS.  Powerplant Handbook with Index.  U.S. Department of Transportation FAA. AC65-12A.  A good book for general knowledge about powerplants.  Found in any good aviation store or catalog store.
  15. Standard Aircraft Handbook for Mechanics and Technicians. Larry Reithmaier. McGraw-Hill. Sixth Edition.  A good general knowledge and information book.  Covers many subjects.  Great reference material.  Found at any good aviation store or catalog store.
  16. Aircraft Sheet Metal.  Nick Bonacci. Jeppesen, Sanderson Training Products.  Good introductory book about working with sheet metal (aluminum).  Available in good aviation stores or catalog stores.
  17. EAA Sheet Metal Basic Workshop.  EAA SportAir Workshops.  Excellent introductory hands-on workshop.  A lot of information and reference material.  Brings your confidence up.  Bring a partner with you.  It works better.  Check schedule with EAA at
  18.  Sky Ranch Engineering Manual. Operation, Failure, & Repair, Piston Aircraft Engines. John Schwaner.  The best book about piston aircraft engines in my opinion.  Covers many important subjects.  A must.  Available at any good aviation store or catalog store.
  19. Overhaul Manual Models C125, C145, & 0-300.  Continental Aircraft Engine.  Teledyne Continental Motors, Aircraft Products. Form X30013. FAA approved June 1982.  Necessary to know about  and to work on your engine.  Can be bought from any of the popular aviation catalog stores.
  20. Service Parts Catalog Models C-125, C-145, & 0-300.  Continental Aircraft Engine.  Teledyne Continental Motors, Aircraft Products Division. Form X-30014.  November 1981.  Good for ordering parts and illustration information.  Can be bought from any of the popular aviation catalog stores.
  21. Information Service and Guide to Theory, Operation, Design and Fabrication of  Aircraft Electrical Systems.  Published by Bob Nuckolls, AeroElectrical Connection.   A very practical book.  Explains the subject well and has great examples of systems and theory application.  A good book for learning about and understanding of electrical systems for aircraft.