1. Any advice about polishing aluminum in airplanes?  Please provide any adress, book name, person name, personal experience, product names, anything that can help.
  2. Does anybody knows where to get rubber seals for the doors?
  3. Looking for glove box and door in good condition any help?
  4. Looking for old original engine gages in good operating condition.  Oil pressure, oil temperature.
  5. Looking for original attitude indicator in good condition or rebuildable.
  6. Looking for Stationary Instrument Panel. P/N 0513110 in good condition with same instrument holes as shown in pictures.
  7. Looking for Master Cylinder- L.H. Brake P/N 0441019 and R. H. Brake P/N 0441019-1 in good condition or serviceable. (Done I found a matching one to one of my Good Year made original at Specialty Aircraft). 1/23/03

Please answer using form on Home Page or e mail at  Thank you.